Welcome to The Neuropsychotherapist!


What are we doing?

We are establishing a platform for the gathering of professionals in the fields of neurology, psychology, and related clinical practices. This ‘hub’ of information-sharing is intended to promote the interdisciplinary field of neuropsychotherapy and connect you all together to a common place. That place is the website you are viewing now, supported by the Internatinoal Journal of Neuropsychotherapy that we will be publishing in a ‘popular science’ style in several different formats.

Why are we doing it?

We want to be a part of the solution in realising healthily integrated individuals, communities and cultures. We also want to increase the ‘cross-pollination’ between related fields by creating this multidisciplinary journal/website. We want to bridge the gap between good science and clinical practice – to give you the latest science in a way that you can make it practical in your clinical practice.

How are we delivering value to you?

By expanding the boundaries of your knowledge of the interconnected fields of neurology, psychology and talking therapies and highlighting the dynamic relationships between the mind, the brain, environment, and interpersonal relationships, through an online magazine and journal as well as blog posts and videos.

What can you do to join us?

Bring your specialist knowledge, passion and insight to our community and share our collective wisdom with everyone you know. If you would like to be a contributor to what we are doing, please contact us through the form at the bottom of the ‘About’ page.


Matthew Dahlitz

Editor in Chief


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