This week Matthew Dahlitz interviews Niall Geoghegan, Psy.D. about Coherence Therapy at a recent workshop in Sydney, Australia. To learn more about Niall and Coherence Therapy go to:

The Introductory Videos Below

The official Coherence Therapy website at

Niall’s website is
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Richard Hill talks about The Master and His Emissary, by Iain McGilchrist, Yale, 2009, as well as Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the teenage brain, by Daniel Siegel, Tarcher, 2013.
You can catch Richard’s workshops at:
Melbourne: Brain 101 – July 25; IPNB – July 26-27; Brain 201/301 – 15-16 August; Rossi’s Mirror Hands – August 17.
Sydney: IPNB – 9-10 August; Rossi’s Mirror Hand – November 2; The Curiosity Oriented Approach – November 23.

Dr.Dave talks about his latest podcast interview #411 – Mindfulness and Resilience with Linda Graham MFT.


A Video Introduction to Coherence Therapy

Presented by Niall Geoghegan


Part 1

Basic Definitions

Part 2

Core Concepts of Coherence Therapy

Part 3

Case Example & Theory

Part 4
Case Example & Theory Continued

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