Thedy Veliz created The Parent-Child Neuropsychotherapy Protocol™ that provides a framework to address the complex challenges of working with the entire family when a child is exhibiting emotional and behavioral difficulties by encouraging parents to focus on the neurodevelopmental dynamics (i.e., dysregulation of the stress response system) that the child continues to communicate through the challenges, symptoms and behaviors that are causing relational disruptions rather than trying to eliminate the negative behavior.

We catch up with Thedy and Rita ahead of their conference in Melbourne to talk about how we approach sensitive children and their parents.

And as promised here’s a link below to Thedy’s Parent-Child Neuropsychotherapy Protocol for free…

You can also find out more about the conference in Melbourne below (hope to see you there!)…

2nd Australasian Conference for Neuroscience, Learning and Well-being (Click on image for more details)

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