Dear Members,

Even though we have gathered over 67,000 followers on Facebook we understand there are a good number of you that would rather have our own social media space to talk about the science of psychotherapy. This space will be distinctly different from Facebook – There is a single focus (the science of psychotherapy), your data will not be given to advertisers, and the fact that you have to log into this site separately from Facebook will mean the casual browser and curious but generally disinterested followers are unlikely to show up. That means more meaningful connections and conversations about the science of psychotherapy. We, the administrators, will also be paying much more attention to this space than any other social media.

So I do hope you will join me here in The Science of Psychotherapy Community as we put the pieces together and learn from one another to be better clinicians.

If you are not a paid member you can still be part of our community by registering for free on the subscription page.

You can find our community on the main menu under “community” – it’s a bit sparse right now as we are just starting this up, but I trust as time passes we will have a thriving community here.

Kind regards,
Matthew Dahlitz

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