The Science of Psychotherapy

October 2019

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There seems to be so much information available nowadays it begs the question: What is interesting? What is of value? I see these as very different questions. Everything has the potential to be interesting. “Interesting” depends on your curiosity. “Value” is something else. That depends on what you find that means something to you, that resonates with what matters to you. That is when we move beyond our simple curiosity for something new into our curiosity to create something of value for our personal benefit.

The articles in The Science of Psychotherapy are chosen because they allow us to see what our colleagues and associates are thinking about, discovering, developing and creating in the world of psychotherapy. What can we learn from these articles? I hope we learn a lot. But, most importantly, what do we create that is valuable and meaningful for ourselves and our professional practice.

To assist us in that purposeful challenge this month is an article from Fabio Sinibaldi that follows on from his fascinating recent article on the process he calls The Switch, “The Switch – the Science of Integration: 2 case studies”. I have asked him to share some case examples so we can get that “felt sense” of his program. In the same theme of the “felt sense” I have been given permission by Norton books to reprint a chapter from the new book by Oliver Morgan, “Addiction, Attachment, Trauma, and Recovery”. The ideas and theoretical discussion are brought to life in case studies and narrative. This chapter is so rich and valuable that it will be presented in two parts, the conclusion will be in the November issue. To complement this chapter, Helen Maxfield presents her views on attachment, “Paying Attention to Attachment”. Both Helen and Oliver draw our attention to the impact of poetry, prose and the metaphor in story. This inspired the selection of short pieces of creative writing from Lynn Hinderaker, “The Mystery, the Mirror and the Moment”, and myself, “Charlie and An Extraordinary Woman”, that remind us of the power of narrative to stimulate our imagination and our emotions, as well as deliver a valuable message.

It is always interesting to curate The Science of Psychotherapy each month. I wonder what the value is that you create?



The Switch: The Science of Integration: Expanding Your Therapeutic Range of Action
Fabio Sinibaldi

Narrative, story and the impact of metaphor.
Lynn Hinderaker, Richard Hill

Wired to Connect: Addiction as Attachment Disorder (Part 1)
Oliver Morgan

Paying Attention to Attachment
Helen Maxfield

58 pages

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