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November 2019

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Recently, I was speaking to a colleague in Colorado and before our serious talk, we shared the usual introductory chat about the weather. For me, it was the first day above 90F/35C, while she was dealing with a deluge of snow. There is such diversity in our experiences around the world. Paradoxically, there is also surprising similarity, no matter how great the distance. Our contributors this month span the globe from the USA to Egypt and into the Outback of Australia. They share unique stories in which I am sure you will find some resonance.

Each article speaks to us that our struggles have common elements even in very different environments. We bring you Part 2 of the wonderful chapter from Oliver Morgan’s new book, Addiction, Attachment, Trauma, and Recovery (W. W. Norton & Co. Inc., October, 2019). With this as inspiration, Matt and I were able to arrange an interview with our colleague and friend Dr Sherif Darwish in Egypt. He is the co-ordinator of the Recovery centre in Alexandria, an invaluable haven for recovered addicts. He speaks to us about Addictive Drugs in Egypt – on the street and over-the-counter. This got me thinking about how we are all affected by difficulties and challenges in life – not only for our clients, but also in our own journey. In that thinking, two case studies are included this month that cover both practice and personal experiences. Roger Keizerstein shares Tyler Revisited – A Case Study about a young man who was a client some years before. We are taken into the therapeutic experience through discussion and dialogue which creates a deep felt-sense of the experience. This is complemented by Savita Ghanshyam’s personal recounting of her difficulties when she decided to move to a remote location in Outback Australia – Lightning Ridge. Her Personal Story of Resilience and Determination takes us into the challenge of changing her home and how she dealt with the seeming impossibilities of the stark, new environment. The outcome is a reminder of the value of simple and meaningful delights.

Each author takes us somewhere unique, familiar and also unfamiliar – all excellent elements for a wonderful journey. Please feel free to share stories of your journey in the comments area, or in our blog, or maybe you have something that you feel is suitable for The Science of Psychotherapy magazine. I look forward to hearing from you.




A Personal Story of Resilience and Determination
Savita Ghanshyam

Tyler Revisited—A Case Study
Roger Keizerstein

Wired to Connect:
Addiction as Attachment Disorder Part 2
Oliver Morgan

Addictive Drugs in Egypt—On the Street and Over-the-Counter
Sherif Darwish

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