In various books, poems and songs, May is dubbed as The Merry Month of May. The musical, Camelot, takes it one Spring step further into the Lusty Month of May! I am always intrigued when a positive affirmation is created. What is the motivation? It might be that May is simply merry. Equally, it might be a response to times that are not so good. An affirmation is needed to rekindle our merriness. Like all systems, it is probably a combination of both, but this year has had more than its share of difficulty and uncertainty. It may be possible to lose touch with our merriness, but I am encouraged to see that we can readily lift ourselves back into a positive “broaden and build” mood.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to have published a series of case studies from Roger Keizerstein. He shares another one with us and it is a case with triumph at its heart despite the struggle of trauma as its cause. How A 32-Year-Old Woman Triumphed Over Complex Trauma takes us deep into the world of complex trauma and how to create some resolution.

In serendipitous harmony, we have a new extract from our friends at W. W. Norton. Babette Rothschild presents a current edition of her expertise in, Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment: Stabilization, Safety, and Nervous System Balance. She has been a champion of the nature and treatment of trauma for over 20 years. Many will know her work, if not, I urge you to explore her numerous publications.

We continue our series on the state of psychotherapy around the world with a report from Portugal. I first met Pedro Robeiro when he translated for me at a workshop. He has just been accepted as a PhD candidate in Lisbon. The Practice of Psychotherapy in Portugal: Past, Present and Future is a valuable contribution to the series.

This May issue is another affirmation of the joy of knowledge and the wonder of being able to share what is in our brains. It is now even easier to stay connected with new releases of our magazine, podcasts and academy by downloading The Science of Psychotherapy App. Check out your android or Apple app store (It’s free!). May your May be very merry!


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