What is time? Physicists say it is the procession of events or experiences that produce an increase in complexity that makes sense to our conscious mind. Over time, we develop a “self” to whom those events and experiences happen and allows us to realize that there are “others” we can experience with.

Therapy is described as something that happens within us and between us and it may be reasonable to add, because of us. Choosing to become a therapist is sometimes a pragmatic decision, but oftentimes it is something more meaningful than just a logical decision. It emerges from the events and experiences that becomes us. The sensation to seek out therapy is, perhaps, simply a natural reminder of the wonderful things we can do, and create, together.

Rick Miller has found himself in a place where he can speak to us all about a personal and therapeutic need that is very important in the world today. In his article, Optimal treatment with gay men: Hypnotic evocative and relational, he shares with us both the feeling of being a gay man and some of the ways a therapist can do good work. His activities with gay men and their mothers is something extraordinary and he provides links at the end of his article for those who want to learn more.

Long time friend of The Science of Psychotherapy, Louis Cozolino, brings us two special treasures, one revisited and one new. We have the good fortune to be able to share the opening chapter of not one book but two! His 2004 gift to therapists starting out in their career, The Making of a Therapist, is being released in paperback. This is paired with his new book that continues the journey of a therapist, The Development of a Therapist: Healing Others – Healing Self.

Our Last Word series of international perspectives on psychotherapy continues with John Arden from the USA. Psychotherapy – A Sea Change Has Begun challenges our thinking by looking at how psychotherapy has developed over the years and the important phase of change that is ready to happen, if we are ready for it.



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Optimal Treatment with Gay Men: Hypnotic, Evocative and Relational by Rick Miller

What Have I Gotten Myself Into? by Louis Cozolino

Science and Poetry by Louis Cozolino

Psychotherapy – A Sea Change Has Begun by John Arden

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