The Science of Psychotherapy June 2020

The Roman goddess, Juno, lends her name to the month of June. This gave me pause to consider what sort of ethereal blessing she might give to provide some comfort as we continue to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Juno was the wife of Jupiter and is the goddess of marriage and childbirth. I wonder what we can bring together out of love and commitment that will bear fruit for the future – a new possibility, a new beginning? When a child is conceived, we hope that the best of both parents is integrated to produce something new and inspiring. As I watch my granddaughter grow, I am continually surprised and comforted by the person that is emerging. I hope this as an orientation we can utilize to direct our attention and create our future reality.

We began to explore the nature of reality through the concept of fractal consciousness. This continues in the second part of the chapter by Terry Marks-Tarlow, Dreams, Synchrony and Synchronicity, which is so fitting for a June issue, inspired by Juno. I am sure you will find something inspiring and productive as we delve, once again, into the world of fractals and synchronicity.

There has been a number of research papers catching out attention lately and we present a small selection that we hope fascinate you and also remind you that there is new work emerging every day. I hope you tune in to our podcasts to hear leaders in the field and also join in our Mastermind discussions each month.

In yet another expression of Juno, Yildiz Sethi presents a developing methodology that has been born out of her engagement with past and present to Combine the Wisdom of the Past with Neuroscience and Innovation for Fast Effective Results in the Recovery of Trauma.

I am pleased to leave the Last Word to our esteemed friend and colleague, Dr Oliver Morgan who has just won a prestigious award for his book, Addiction, Attachment, Trauma, and Recovery. He leads us to look beyond the obvious and to notice The Hidden Risks of COVID-19. There have always been events to deal with throughout human history. What we do and how we do it matters. I hope that we can combine the best of what we know and the best of what is possible to give birth to something that, like my granddaughter, makes the world a brighter place.

Best wishes and be well.



  • Latest News on the Science of Psychotherapy
  • Dreams, Synchrony, and Synchronicity (Part 2) by Terry Marks-Tarlow
  • Combine the Wisdom of the Past with Neuroscience and Innovation for Fast Effective Results in the Recovery of Trauma by Yildiz Sethi
  • The Hidden Risks of COVID-19 by Oliver J Morgan

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