100 issues! How about that! Taking on the role of editor has been one of the greatest good fortunes of my career. It is a task but not a chore. I look forward to the next 100.

My gratitude for this good fortune and for all the benefits that the Science of Psychotherapy brings to readers of the magazine, listeners to the podcast, and members of the Academy goes to Matthew Dahlitz who brought this amazing project into being. His dedication and sacrifices have meant that we are here, now, at the 100th issue. Over the past decade Matthew has shepherded the growth and development of the Science of Psychotherapy and has also been the steward of the invaluable resources that are now an extensive and growing archive of knowledge and learning for everyone concerned with mental health and therapeutic practice. The podcast is a weekly pleasure to thousands of listeners and the Academy can proudly boast more than 600 core units of education with access to over 1000 videos, articles, and documentaries, which have been curated into hundreds of hours of ongoing education with CEU certificates. And more is being added every day! Members are treated to a cornucopia of riches at a price that is unrivalled in the online space and now non-members can purchase individual courses to satisfy their specific interests.

This 100th issue is more than I could have imagined. There is not enough space in the editorial to precis each contribution, but I can tell you it is an extraordinary reading experience. The list of contributors is proudly displayed on the cover and there are even more who have sent articles that could not fit into this issue, but you will find in upcoming issues. The 100th is, in effect, a double issue, with contributions from extraordinary people expressing their current ideas and research through articles, commentaries, and opinion pieces. We also share some of the messages of congratulations we received from special friends of the Science of Psychotherapy.

I know there is plenty to fascinate and stimulate curiosity and wonder, so, please enjoy our 100th. Be well, stay safe, and may your world be full of love and joy.

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