In amongst all the big issues that are raging in the world today there continues to be the research and exploration that has been the basis of content for The Science of Psychotherapy magazine. In this issue we address issues big and small, personal and general, practical and experiential.

Research papers continue to be published in journals and we try to bring some of these to your attention. Matthew Dahlitz changes hats for a moment to report on some intriguing new research into how the brain represents relationships in his commentary, Mapping the Social World. I am also pleased to present a new article from regular contributor Karen Ferry. She takes us into the sensitive area of infidelity providing us with both informative and a practical protocol in Infidelity – Working with Couples. She describes a clear and concise way that therapists can work with couples. It is an excellent program.

In contrast, John Falcon, a long time friend and colleague of The Science of Psychotherapy shares with us his personal journey of healing and self-realization through both traditional ritual and modern therapeutic practices. He carefully integrates his experiences into what he has learned over his career and in the past few years through The Science of Psychotherapy Academy. Merging Ancient Healing Arts through Neuroscience and Quantum Phenomena is a sensitive display of honesty, vulnerability and thoughtful processing of a life well lived.

Our special guest this week is Susan Davis who is currently sitting for a Masters in Mental Health Nursing. Her recent essay, Intergenerational Trauma: History, Theory and Practices for Change, investigates the intergenerational complexity that affect Aboriginals in Australia. In keeping with our mission of expanding our knowledge and the science of psychotherapy, I present this to you as our Last Word. At the base of all social and political issues, there are always people who are present as the individual elements of a collective face. I look forward to your responses to this essay and your suggestions of how we might be able to learn more and know more with the goal of understanding what it means in our efforts to create beneficial change.

I hope you are managing the ongoing effects of the pandemic as best you can. Be well.



Latest News on the Science of Psychotherapy

Merging Ancient Healing Arts Through Neuroscience and Quantum Phenomena
John Falcon

Infidelity: Working With Couples
Karen Ferry

Intergenerational Trauma: History, Theory and Practices for Change
Susan Davis


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