Welcome to 2023! At last, we have been able to travel again and teach the science of psychotherapy around the globe. SoP’s recent tour of Europe created new friends and allowed us to meet people we have only connected with online.

The richness of language is so poignant in Europe. Languages can change within hours of travel or even just walking down the street. Although I feel it is good to have a lingua franca, something my friend Agostinho Almeida in Portugal sees as important for international education, it means that some people have little motivation to learn another language. It is not uncommon for people in Europe (and many other regions of the world) to speak several languages. Conversely, it is not uncommon for people in English speaking regions to only speak one – I am certainly guilty of that. I will try to change that!

Let me start by sending our New Year greeting in the languages of our recent visit – Happy New Year; Buon Anno; Feliz Ano Novo; An Nou Fericit; Feliz Año Nuevo – and ask those with other languages to hear us in your words. I would be very grateful if you could find a moment to send an email or add a message on our Facebook page in your language. Just how many languages do we have in our community?

With the help of translators, SoP is able to come to you. If your group or association or school would like to share a workshop experience or include SoP in your learning program, conference, seminar, or summit, please let us know and we will try to organize something. One of my favourite workshop sessions is experiencing how to think in the way of complex systems. You too can participate with our expanding net, curiosity bags, swinging balls, and even an extra shoe!

For now, welcome to the fascinating articles of our first issue of 2023. We have an excerpt from the new book by Kat Sherer and Elizabeth Sylvester from Norton – Relationship-Based Treatment of Children and Their Parents: An Integrative Guide to Neurobiology, Attachment, Regulation, and Discipline. Roger Keizerstein shares another case study in A Tale of Two Therapies. Summer Hillas-Buck reached out and shares her ideas about teletherapy in One Therapist’s View on How Teletherapy Saves Lives. Matthew Dahlitz continues his series of articles about Iain McGilchrist’s The Matter With Things discussing Cognitive Intelligence. We begin a series of reviews of the 16 volumes of The Collected Works of Milton H Erickson edited by Ernest Rossi, Roxanna Erickson-Klein and Kathryn Rossi. The issue is rounded out by another great book review from Gunnel Minett – Important Information for People in Crisis a review of Spiritual Awakenings: Scientists And Academics Describe Their Experiences edited by Marjorie Woollacott and David Lorimer.

We will continue to bring you a wealth of knowledge, learning, and experience in 2023. I look forward to the journey together.




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