Along with most people in the world, I have been very aware of covid-19 and how this virus is affecting the world. I am also aware of political issues that have been plaguing many countries resulting in what almost seems the inevitable violence. We are a strange species. I wondered what the next year might bring and thought it might be helpful to ask some friends what they were thinking about. When Matt and I were discussing what to do for the January issue, the idea that we might publish what our friends are thinking emerged.

The next piece of the puzzle was in relation to my focus over the past year on the concept of possibility. Possibility can be hard to grasp. We cling to what we know and seem so cautious and even resistant to what is yet to be known. Prediction is an almost silly process because we can only predict with what we know. So, we decided that “predictions for 2021” was not the best question. It became clear that the better question to ask is about the “possibilities for 2021”. By the end of our conversation, we had the theme for this issue – Reflections and Possibilities.

Then came the task of asking friends to write something despite everyone being very busy. It was impossible for some and they have all expressed their disappointment. But, to my amazement and joy, 19 esteemed colleagues have been able to share their thoughts and their feelings both about 2020 and for 2021. Each author has included a very personal glimpse into their heartfelt imaginings for the future. I have been astounded by each message and also by how much I have learnt.

I hope you find something special in this issue, perhaps many things. I cannot thank the authors enough for how they have responded to my wishful email sent a few weeks ago. I have come to realize that there is more of me that will emerge in 2021. I will discover this through the experiences of my life, just as it has been happening since I was born. My “road of reality” trails behind me, and my “sphere of possibility” is waiting to envelop me as soon as I step into the next moment. There is always something more.



Backwards, Forwards, and Round-and-Round By Michael D. Yapko
Unexpected by Oliver Morgan
Creating and Evolving New Cosmic Consciousness, Health and Healing by Kathryn Lane Rossi
2020 Reflections and Possibilities for 2021 by Ruth Lanius
Moving Forward by Eric Beeson
Psychotherapy during the Covid era: Virtue out of necessity by Fabio Sinibaldi
Looking ahead to 2021 by Kathrin Stauffer
Imagining the Future: How will the science and art of psychotherapy make a difference? by Michael F. Hoyt
How the Pandemic Has Changed Us By Stan Tatkin
The River of Possibilities By John Falcon
Reflections and Possibilities by Terry Marks-Tarlow
Reflections, Strategies and Hopes for 2021 by Karen Ferry
The Trials, Opportunities and Gifts of 2020! by Debbie Joffe Ellis
Any Lessons Learned From 2020 Depend Mainly on the Individual by Robert A. Moss
Pro-being Pride: Predation, Possibility and A Third Way by Ken Benau
Growth Requires Friction by Lisa Dion
Reflections on 2020 and New Scenarios for 2021 by Mauro Cozzolino and Giovanna Celia
In 20/20 I Saw Much More Clearly by Roger Keizerstein
2020 An Erickson Perspective by Roxanna Erickson-Klein

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