The Science of Psychotherapy January 2020

This issue heralds the beginning of a new year and a new decade. We mark these changes with arbitrary numbers that Romans and religion, among others, have both influenced and manipulated. Even atomic clocks take away or add a second to keep us aligned with the celestial hosts. Time is a wondrous mystery and a testing master – a Catch 22 of progress. Still, each experience expands us as it creates the arrow of time. Now, I am back to my part in the conspiracy by declaring that a new decade has begun.

We are creating the first experiences of The Science of Psychotherapy for 2020 with the help of three seemingly disparate articles that are united by the human nature they describe. Maria Kostyanaya presents Bridging the evidence-based gap: From pathological narcissism to narcissism survivors which is a deep dive into the literature of narcissism. She explores both exponent and survivor, setting us up for a case study that will be in the February Issue. I am contributing another piece in my journey to understand and explain the mysteries and wonders of curiosity, Implementing a Curiosity Oriented Approach. For reasons that I will leave as just serendipity, these two articles brought to my mind an excellent interview by David van Nuys with Paul Austin, The Third Wave Psychedelic Renaissance. Austin is one of the leader’s in working with psychedelics as a way of both exploring hidden perspectives and also finding ways to resolve previously unresolvable affective disorders. A selection of short pieces are there to balance the issue, keep you up-to-date and to stimulate a little curiosity.

The questions I leave you with are: So, what do these articles mean to you? And the most important question: what might you create from that? We would love to hear some of your creative thoughts, ideas and applications. Add your comments or, even better, write something for the magazine or our blog. I am really curious to learn what you have in mind.



Science News From Around The World

Bridging the evidence-based gap: From pathological narcissism
to narcissism survivors
Maria Kostyanaya

The Third Wave Psychedelic Renaissance
David Van Nuys Interviews Paul Austin

Implementing a Curiosity Oriented Approach
Richard Hill

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