February is an interesting time of year. January is the launch of a New Year, which heralds a promise of something new, then February is the time to set sails and test the winds. There are still some trailing gusts from last year, which I am sure we all hope will dissipate soon and there are some clear and refreshing new breezes blowing. We will all have opinions and perspectives about what and who those winds might be. Regardless, we need to set our sails and see what we can create, what we can discover and engage in the adventures of 2021. Good sailing to everyone.

We set the sails of the February issue with some wonderful contributions from around the world. Our features are special book excerpts. Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman Kornfield gave a wonderful presentation, Love and Well-Being, at the last IPNB conference in 2019. I was fortunate to be there to participate and we have a transcript of that presentation, from the new book, Mind, Consciousness, and Well-Being (W.W. Norton, 2020).

The other book is from one of our regular authors, Terry Marks-Tarlow and colleagues, Harris Friedman, Yakov Shapiro, & Katthe Wolf. Fractal Epistemology for a Scientific Psychology (Cambridge Scholars, 2020), takes us into the fascinating world of fractals and how the natural patterns and shapes of life are embedded in the world and within our lives. We just need to know more about how to understand the importance of fractals in our psychology.

Our book theme continues with another review from regular contributor, Gunnel Minett. The Brain from the Inside Out by György Buzsáki (Oxford University Press 2019) is a valuable look into the best way for us to utilize brain science in the practice of psychotherapy. Gunnel does more than just describes the book and expands our thinking.

We finish with a Last Word that is the beginning of a series of pieces about the state of psychotherapy in the world. Richard Lakeman from Southern Cross University in Australia discusses his concerns about the “undervaluing and professional capture of psychotherapy in Australia.” We hope to share more of these discussions in the coming months.

So, pleasant and safe sailing to everyone. 2021 is ours to navigate. What will we create?





  • Love and Wellbeing by Trudy Goodman Kornfield & Jack Kornfield
  • A Fractal Epistemology for a Scientific Psychology by Terry Marks-Tarlow, Harris L. Friedman, Yakov Shapiro, Katthe P. Wolf, Forward by Richard Taylor
  • The Brain from the Inside out Book Review by Review by Gunnel Minett
  • Undervaluing and professional capture of psychotherapy in Australia by Richard Lakeman

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