We made a big fuss in July on our 100th Issue and we should keep the hoopla going for our 101st! My thanks go to all those people who take the time and effort to write for us. Many articles just arrive in my inbox without my asking. Feel free to become one of our authors. Share your research, experiences, thoughts and ideas with the Science of Psychotherapy. My inbox is waiting to hear from you.

Another bit of news is our new logo. Matt and I save a bit of time in our daily conversations by just saying each of the first letters of the Science of Psychotherapy: S – O – P. We hope this becomes a well-known abbreviation.
Returning to the contents of our 101st Issue, we begin with another entry in our In Conversation With series. I was fortunate sit down with one of Australia’s most esteemed journalists who is at the forefront of reporting and writing about domestic violence and abuse. Jess Hill talks about an aspect of domestic abuse that is vital for therapists to understand – Domestic Abuse: Coercive Control.

Then we travel to Italy for an article by my friend and colleague from the CIPPS psychotherapy college in Salerno. Francesco Sessa continues the conversation about the development of the 21st century therapist as he looks inside the psychotherapeutic process: What drives a therapist towards the future while looking at the past.

We cross the oceans again to the USA for a very personal account by psychotherapist Nicole Lemaster – Forgiveness: A Personal Journey. I am very grateful to those who allow their personal stories to be told. We see this in case studies, but it is very special to tell your own story, which Nicole uses to help us all learn.

Gunnel Minett continues her book commentaries from the UK. Gunnel not only reviews a book but includes her own thoughts and reflections. This month she explores the book by Patricia S. Churchland, Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Morality in her article What Is Morality – A Question More Important Than Ever.

And, finally, we round off the issue with the Last Word from David Van Nuys who is known to many as Dr Dave who hosts the longest running psychotherapy podcast Shrink Rap Radio. There is so much to learn by listening to podcasts, so what does the presenter learn? Dr Dave shares his thoughts on the 21st Century Therapist.

And so, we are off and running on our second century of the SoP magazine. Stay with us by becoming a subscriber. Your company is warmly welcomed.


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