You could be forgiven for thinking there is nothing else to talk about at the moment other than the outbreak of COVID-19. It is important to be thoughtful and responsive to this international crisis, but it is also important to remember that we live in a complex system and if we create a fixed attractor in a system then everything else is in danger of stagnating or becoming chaotic. In fact, the articles that we bring you this month can provide valuable information and tools to help us deal with the waves of mental and emotional difficulties that are present now and may continue to ebb and flow for many years to come.

I have written a special Last Word as our response to the COVID-19 crisis, not as a definitive expert, but to inform and draw our attention to the human behaviours that are naturally emerging at this time: anxiety, financial stress, herd behaviour and the difficulties of uncertainty. I intend this as a springboard for ongoing discussion about the needs for the science and for the therapies that enables us to find health and well-being.

The feature for this issue is the second part of Daniel Brown’s interview with David van Nuys, Working with Attachment and Trauma. This is opportune because the impact of the current crisis may well be surfacing over the years to come in trauma, complex trauma, and attachment concerns. I feel this second part of the interview is equal to, if not more impactful than the first. If you haven’t read the first part yet, please do so in the March issue.

Paul Leslie’s contribution, Natural Resources: The Importance of Contexts in Generating Change, shares case studies that example his elegant and insightful tool to help clients identify their natural resources. Described as an acronym, V.I.B.E.S., Leslie walks us through the five elements: Values, Identity, Behaviors, Environment, and Spirituality.

The special book review explores a selection of wonderful books written for children that help them deal with life and learn about the brain. I had such pleasure reading these reviews. I think this article is the perfect tone for these troubled times. We explore three recent books, the How to Feed your Seahorse series, Hey Warrior and Hey Awesome, Benson the Boxer, and one old favorite, Winnie the Pooh.
This issue acknowledges the sudden disturbance of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also seeks to remember that we continue being people, we continue to have our needs and wants, and we continue to learn and grow through many and varied resources. What will we learn though this time? What will we change? What will stay the same? I feel that we find ourselves, once again, at a place we have been many times before. Best wishes and be well.




Natural Resources:  The Importance of Contexts in Generating Change
Paul J. Leslie

Book Reviews: Books for children that adults should read, too.

Working with Attachment & Trauma (Part 2)
Dr David Van Nuys and Dr Daniel P Brown

The Impact of COVID-19: More Than Just A Disease?
Richard Hill

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