Welcome to the beginning of something exciting for all of us at The Neuropsychotherapist. We are at a “phase shift”. You will have noticed that we have been quietly broadening our scope of articles and authors over the past 6 months or so to reflect the importance of recognising our diversity of knowledge and the benefit of integrating various disciplines as we seek to truly understand what contributes to effective psychotherapy. The magazine we have called The Neurospychotherapist since 2013 will complete its evolution to a change of name in July – The Science of Psychotherapy. This is the last step for one title, and the first step for another. Fittingly, the theme of this June issue is change, growth and moving into the future. I have asked a host of colleagues and friends to answer a simple question, “Where to Now?” I wanted their answers to be fresh and immediate, so I asked for a rapid response. Unfortunately, this means that some people were not able to reply in time, but they have promised to send something at a later date. I am so grateful for everyone’s support and their excitement about the new scope that The Science of Psychotherapy offers to both readers and writers.

In this issue, we start with a review article first published in Frontiers in Psychology on the 19th March. Janina Schweiger and colleagues review the question of Innovation in Psychotherapy, Challenges and Opportunities. We close the issue with an article by Bonnie Badenoch who wrote in a flow of conscious the morning after she read my request. Her article, Receptive Presence, is our Last Word for the issue and for The Neuropsychotherapist. Her words represent the many feeling, thoughts, ideas and propositions of our special contributors, who include regular NPT authors like John Arden, Lou Cozolino and Terry Marks-Tarlow, and new friends including Eric Beeson, Lori Russell-Chapin and Isabelle Ong. We have contributions from around the world including the USA, Singapore, Egypt and Italy.

Where to now? To The Science of Psychotherapy. Welcome!

-Richard Hill



Innovation in Psychotherapy, Challenges, and Opportunities: An Opinion Paper
Janina Isabel Schweiger, Kai G. Kahl, Jan Philipp Klein, Valerija Sipos and Ulrich Schweiger

Origins of Mindfulness?
Richard Hill

Where To Now?
David Van Nuys, Eric Beeson, Jeffrey Zeig, John Arden, Lori Russel-Chapin, Louis Cozolino, Matthew Dahlitz, Michael Yapko, Terry Marks-Tarlow, Thedy Veliz, Jeffrey Po, Isabelle Ong, Karen Ferry, Stan Tatkin, Fabio Sinibaldi, Lisa Dion, Rita Princi-Hubbard, Pat Ogden, Richard Hill and Sherif Darwish Abdalla

Receptive Presence
Bonnie Badenoch

66 pages

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The Neuropsychotherapist Volume 7 Isssue 6

By Matthew Dahlitz

66 pages, published 6/2/2019

The Neuropsychotherapist Volume 7 Issue 6

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