Volume 7 Issue 5 (May 2019)

ISSN 2201-9529

Welcome to what is often described as “the merry month of May”. Whether it is from Thomas Dekker’s poem in 1599 or James Jones’ book in 1971 or even Stephen Foster’s song sung by Nelson Eddy, it is always a good time to find what is merry in life. It is equally good news when a new book is released by Allan Schore, and The Neuropsychotherapist is very pleased to publish an extract from this book The Development of the Unconscious Mind.

We shine our Spotlight this month on someone I’d like to introduce you to: Flavio Cannistra from Italy. He is doing wonderful work in single session therapy and is leading the introduction of the practice to his homeland.

We also look into two fascinating areas of therapy that are not discussed as often as warranted. Connie Lawrence takes us into her specialty field of Psychodrama and introduces us to some key concepts and how to apply these in practice. Connie has integrated her expertise of Interpersonal Neurobiology into her psychodrama work to produce a unique and rich perspective. Keeping something very special till last, we have an interview with Michael Yapko, who is one of the keenest minds in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. I had the pleasure of talking with Michael about the release of his 5th edition of the definitive text for therapeutic hypnosis – Trancework: An introduction to the practice of clinical hypnosis. He has included a special chapter on the neuroscience of hypnotherapy. We discuss this and more in our unique conversation.

I hope you enjoy the scope in this issue – the established, the new and the interesting! Remember to send us your comments and your suggestions. I am always keen to receive submissions from our community for the magazine and also for our blog and podcast. Sharing our knowledge is a wonderful way to utilise the medium of the web and we are keen to make it a community effort.

-Richard Hill

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Early Emotional Attachment, the Development of the Right Brain,
and the Relational Origins of the Unconscious Mind
Allan N. Schore

The Caring Observer:
Creating Self-Compassion through Psychodrama
Connie Lawrence

Michael Yapko

Flavio Cannistra

50 pages

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The Neuropsychotherapist Volume 7 Issue 5

By Matthew Dahlitz

50 pages, published 4/30/2019

The Neuropsychotherapist Volume 7 Issue 5 (May 2019)

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