Volume 7 Issue 2 (February 2019)

ISSN 2201-9529

I am always a little surprised to find that February has arrived. It convinces me that the new year is in full swing. There is so much going on in 2019, and The Science of Psychotherapy continues to expand its activities. Our podcasts are now a regular feature every week, and we welcome the thousands of people listening in and downloading. Our education program for subscribers is also growing, and we are now adding a carefully curated series of courses that everyone can access on demand.

An example of these special courses is the 10-hour video program from John Arden, based on his new book, Mind–Brain–Gene (Norton, 2019). We are very pleased to have been given the rights to publish a special preview chapter of this tour de force. It is Dr. Arden’s 15th book, and this excerpt from Chapter 4, “The Body–Mind and Health”, gives us an insight into the integrative theme that is a foundation of the whole book.

Some articles are too good to edit down for a single issue, and so we break them into parts. Continuing on from our January issue, this month we publish Part 2 of the Aspen Institute’s Research Brief on “The Brain Basis for Integrated Social, Emotional, and Academic Development: How Emotions and Social Relationships Drive Learning” by Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Christina Krone, in which they explore the relevance of the major brain networks and the lifestyle practices that can best maintain a healthily functioning brain.

In this issue we also present the first part of Mary Bowles’s article, “An Integrated Rapid Memory Reconsolidation Approach”, with the second part due in March. An important aspect of The Neuropsychotherapist is to share the practical experience of practitioners in the field, and alongside the more theoretical articles are those we describe as neuropsychotherapy in practice. In this article, Mary Bowles takes us into her practice and describes the methodology she utilises in her work—rapid resolution therapy, or RRT—which she illustrates with case studies to show how the theory is applied in real-world situations.

Finally, Steve Minett takes us into a fascinating exploration of consciousness in an article intriguingly titled “Infomania”. This is an article that challenges us to both consider and reconsider what we know about awareness. Steve has been educated at the universities of Sussex, Oxford, Minnesota, and Stockholm, and consequently he brings a unique and international perspective to this issue. I am keen to receive submissions from people from many different parts of the world. It is through diversity of perspectives that we can create a clearer picture of the science of what it is to be human. Also, please send us your articles and musings about your practical experiences. Whether extended or just a short piece that would suit our blog, I am keen to receive them. Sharing what we do is as important as describing how and why we do it. I look forward to a year of exciting and fascinating engagement.

-Richard Hill

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An Ontological Block to Understanding Consciousness
Steve Minett

The Body-Mind and Health
“Think with your whole body”
John Arden

The Brain Basis for Integrated Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (Part 2)
Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Linda Darling-Hammond, Christina Krone

An Integrated Rapid Memory Reconsolidation Approach: Rapid Resolution Therapy
Mary Bowles

56 pages

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By Matthew Dahlitz

56 pages, published 1/31/2019

The Neuropsychotherapist Volume 7 Issue 2 (Feb 2019) features Steve, Minett, John Arden, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Linda Darling-Hammond, Christina Krone and Mary Bowles.

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