Volume 6 Issue 8 (August 2018)

ISSN 2201-9529


The first news to bring you is the exciting addition of our podcasts, which will be released once or twice a month. The first podcast in The Science of Psychotherapy series is available for download or listening online where Matthew Dahlitz and I talk about the magazine and what’s happening in the world of psychotherapy and neuroscience. In the coming months we will also talk to contributing authors and special guests. This medium is an exciting way for us to extend the written word into the audiovisual arena.

The Neuropsychotherapist has a lot to stimulate our minds this month. Our Leading Edge, “Conservative Brains vs. Liberal Brains”, comes from psychologist and author Lou Cozolino, who discusses the neurobiological correlates of contrasting political ideologies. In another thought-provoking article, “Will Semi-Smart AI’s Replace Psychotherapists?”, David Van Nuys (Dr. Dave) re-joins us this month to ponder whether a growing trend of replacing humans with artificial intelligence could extend to replacing a psychotherapist.

We must seriously consider the question: What is it that we do? The feature article from Kate Cohen-Posey on the integration of therapeutic modalities reminds us of the unique capacities of the human brain to reframe problems given the correct stimuli and therapeutic input. Kate uses visual and mental imagery in her practice based around her Brain Change Cards.

Roger Keizerstein takes us further into applied neuropsychotherapy as he describes and explores the case of trauma in a 12-year-old. The application of neuropsychotherapy is also explored in a special article by Lissa, who takes us into the world of Alcoholics Anonymous and shares with us her experience of the benefits she found in the 12-Step Program.

It’s always a pleasure for us to receive case studies and personal experiences from around the globe, which we’re privileged to share with our readers. If you have stories or case studies you would like to share, please contact me at and I will be delighted to consider them for the magazine. We’re also keen to read your book reviews. Gunnel Minett in the UK has sent her second review—this time about Kylea Taylor’s Ethics of Caring (Hanford Mead, 2017).

These case studies, book reviews and personal stories are what make The Neuropsychotherapist not just a magazine, but a community space where we can learn and share. We are extending this community connection with the podcasts and also with the addition to the website of a directory of subscribers. Our website is constantly being renewed and updated, and I encourage members—and visitors—to stay in touch and enjoy its many benefits.

-Richard Hill

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Conservative Brains vs Liberal Brains
Louis Cozolino

Neuropsychotherapy and Alcoholics Anonymous: Partners in Recovery Intervention
Lissa R

Treatment of a 12-Year-Old with Trauma
Roger Keizerstein

The Importance of Breaking Rules—Therapy, Art and Integration
Kate Cohen-Posey

The Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship with Clients
Gunnel Minett

Will Semi-Smart AIs Replace Psychotherapists?
David Van Nuys

58 pages

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