Volume 6 Issue 10 (October 2018)

ISSN 2201-9529


One of the most limiting concepts of recent generations has been the idea that the brain is somehow separate from the body and is the dominant source of our problems and our solutions. This linear, top-down perspective has been slowly diminished as we continue to see evidence of the whole body as a complex system that is not restricted by a single direction of control but is rather a dynamic interplay of interdependence. It has been our intention at The Neuropsychotherapist to present articles that are not just about the neuroscience, but are about the complex human system that includes the neuroscience. This, we believe, will help us to better understand the human condition and how everyone involved in health care can create beneficial, therapeutic change.

This month we have the second part of the fascinating excerpt from Neurobiology for Clinical Social Work (Norton, 2018, 2nd ed.) by Janet Shapiro and Jeffrey Applegate in which they continue their exploration of the important at-risk groups—parents and children—and the impacts of maternal depression and substance use on the developing child and their caregiver. As we conclude that chapter, we begin a two-part article by Kathryn Rossi, The Yoga of Creative Consciousness and Cognition in Neuropsychotherapy. This is a tour de force that describes the ancient origins and traditions of yoga practice and how it aligns with modern neuroscience and consciousness. Kathryn’s article breaks new ground in our understanding of the ways humans are connected, both within and without. Our third feature article comes from Fabio Sinibaldi, a colleague from Italy, who truly appreciates the scope of an integrative therapeutic approach and is reflected in his research, which includes neuroscience, genetics, and psycho-neuro-endocrine immunology. In “Mind Switches: Everything That Needs to Change to Favour Change” he brings us a fascinating model of change that integrates the neuroscience with our metabolism, system balance, and natural flows.

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-Richard Hill

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The Neurodevelopmental Impact of Stress, Adversity, and Trauma:
Implications for Social Work (Part 2)
Janet R. Shapiro and Jeffrey S. Applegate

The Yoga of Creative Consciousness and Cognition in Neuropsychotherapy
Kathryn Lane Rossi

Mind Switches:
Everything That Needs to Change to Favour Change
Fabio Sinibaldi

58 pages

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