Volume 6 Issue 1 (January 2018)

ISSN 2201-9529


What is your story? As we enter the exciting possibilities of 2018, what is the story we carry with us and how does our story create our sense of self? These questions and more are dealt with in a fascinating contribution by Gail Noppe-Brandon about mindfully listening to client narratives. The way in which we shine a light on our story is very important. The way that we allow light to shine on us is also important when that light is from the Sun. This valuable source of Vitamin D is an important requirement for our mental well-being. Our interview with Dr. Lori Ann Russell-Chapin teaches us even more about the problem of SAD—seasonal affective disorder. There are many things we can do, starting with becoming more aware.

Our Short Cut this month reminds us of the beneficial value of kindness and compassion. It is important to remind ourselves to continually explore how we can be a part of the healing process which leads to our book review that takes a special look at how we can work with trauma.

So, let 2018 be a year when our light shines, when it shines upon us and when we can transform the light within us to do good work. I do hope you enjoy our offerings this month and for all we have in store for you in 2018.and may the New Year be all that it can be.

-Richard Hill

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Narratology is the practice of “storying”, the sharing of an authentic account of what happened as we perceived it. In this article narratologist Gail Noppe-Brandon explains the transformative power of story and some tips on how to apply it to your life and practice.

Gail Noppe-Brandon



Dr. Lori Ann Russell-Chapin, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences at Bradley University in Illinois, talks to Richard Hill about seasonal affective disorder, sunlight and neurofeedback. She also reinforces the importance of a holistic approach to therapy and the increasingly significant role neurocounselling is having in psychotherapy today.

Richard Hill & Lori Ann Russell-Chapin


  • Short Cut
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  • Review

49 pages

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