Volume 5 Issue 12 (December 2017)

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In what seems like a flash, I find I am introducing my second issue of The Neuropsychotherapist—and, I can confess, I am loving every moment. As I take over the reins of content management, I look forward to receiving your submissions and suggestions for upcoming issues—an article, something short and fascinating, a book review, or perhaps a person who you believe deserves a spotlight. In this issue, we continue to cover the serious problem of PANDAS. Micaela Monteiro-Haig helps us understand the neurobiological details, and she also covers treatments that, among other things, include recommendations for following an anti-inflammatory diet and guidelines for maintaining gut health. Micaela’s view as a naturopath widens our perspective. We have so much to learn about how to recognise and treat this difficult paediatric condition. We will continue our exploration in future issues.

Bob Shebib’s article “Neuroscience and Counselling” takes us on a walk through the brain. It is a great introduction for those beginning to learn and an excellent review for others, including myself. I love the way he creates conversations from clinical practice to illustrate the context and application of the neuroscience he describes. And what do we know about smiling? Our neuroscience short-take gives us a surprising research insight that you might not be expecting. Finally, our last Last Word for the year comes from Terry Marks-Tarlow who reflects on time, which is entirely fitting for our year-closing issue. The Neuropsychotherapist is a great fan of Terry’s work on play, art, and creativity. Take some time to search it out.

Which leaves me a few lines to wish everyone connected to The Neuropsychotherapist—whether the editorial team, contributor, or reader—a very happy and relaxing end of year break. We hope that you are encouraged and strengthened as you celebrate your personal, cultural and religious traditions, whatever they may be. May you and your families be well and full of good heart, and may the New Year be all that it can be.

-Richard Hill



Understanding PANS & PANDAS: The Interplay of Immune System and Mental Health

Naturopath and expert in how body systems affect mental health Micaela Monteiro-Haig takes a look at a group of autoimmune disorders that have a profound impact on mental wellbeing— paediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS).

Micaela Monteiro-Haig

Neuroscience and Couselling

Bob Shebib, Faculty Emeritus at Douglas College, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, is an educator and counsellor with broad experience in child welfare, corrections, mental health, and addictions. This month he gives us a comprehensive overview of neuroscience as it pertains to counselling from his book Choices: Interviewing and Counselling Skills for Canadians (7th Edition)

Bob Shebib


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