Volume 5 Issue 11 (November 2017)

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Welcome to my first issue of The Neuropsychotherapist as part of the editorial team. As Managing Editor, I’m keen to build on the fine work of Matthew Dahlitz and his team in bringing you fascinating, valuable, and even controversial news and ideas in the field. Matthew continues as the Editor-in-Chief and driving creative force behind the magazine. I’m fortunate to be involved in this exciting project. I will certainly continue to contribute, as you’ll see in my article that explores some of the neurobiochemical memory-encoding processes that prepare us for future experiences.
This month Dr. Charles Raison discusses the protective nature of affective experiences like depression, and why we’ve held on to these affective states over evolutionary time – as an alert to the nature of our current experience. He discusses this and much more with Dr. Dave from Shrink Rap Radio. And among those working diligently at the intersection of science and therapy, our Spotlight this month falls on Hilary Jacobs Hendel and her contributions to the field, including her unique work on the Change Triangle.
Finally, we introduce a topic that’s of great importance to everyone in the healthcare industry. The brain is not an independent entity operating in the skull, unaffected by the activities of the body. This is understood better now than ever before. The brain and the activity of our immune system are dynamically linked and interdependent. One of the most disturbing ways in which the brain can be affected in young people is by streptococcal infections, which can trigger distressing patterns of behaviour encompassed by the (merciful) acronym PANDAS – paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections.
We will be continuing our engagement with this topic over the upcoming months. I believe we would all be well served by a better understanding of this often heartbreaking condition.
I look forward to hearing your comments and especially your ideas and contributions, as well as suggestions of colleagues who would be interested contributors. Wherever you are in the world, I hope The Neuropsychotherapist will stimulate your thinking this November.

-Richard Hill

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Prepared, Ready and Able: How We Biologically Prepare Ourselves for Future Experience

Why do you suddenly find yourself inside the fridge extracting tasty treats after work? Richard explains why we do what we do from an understanding of memory, neurochemicals and genes.

Richard Hill

The New Mind-Body Science of Depression

Dr. Dave interviews Dr. Charles Raison about the evolution and nature of depression—its protective function and how we can better understand this all too common malady.

Dr. David Van Nuys


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