Volume 4 Issue 4 (April 2016)

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In the spirit of keeping you on the cutting edge of current thinking around psychotherapy, this month we’re focusing on a topic that is popular, albeit difficult to grasp, and used by many in pop culture to validate their theories of how things are: quantum theory. But just because quantum ideas have been held up as badges of validation for some very suspect theories, this does not invalidate the real quantum science that may just be starting to give us a better understanding of the inner workings of the mind. Our own Richard Hill gives us a brief introduction to some of the ideas that Ernest and Kathyn Rossi lay out for us in our main feature this month, “Psychosocial Genomic Perspectives for the Neuropsychotherapist: How Quantum Field Theory Optimizes Neuropsychotherapy”. In this four-part review—a snapshot of cutting-edge work that Hill describes as “growing at the edges of knowledge”—Rossi & Rossi introduce us to what they consider to be the physical, biological, and quantum foundations of psychotherapy. Following this, Stuart Hameroff in “Change the Music” expounds a fascinating theory that the quantum resonant vibrations demonstrated by microtubules within neurons may be one of the keys to understanding consciousness.

Continuing our well-received survey of the brain for psychotherapists, this month’s third instalment of “The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain” examines the neocortex, in particular the prefrontal cortex, which is probably the most interesting and relevant area of the brain for the practising clinician.



A Quantum Leap In Our Thinking

Richard Hill gives us a warm-up to some of the ideas that Ernest and Kathyn Rossi describe at length in this month’s feature. It’s new thinking – as Richard says, “growing at the edges of knowledge”.

Richard Hill

Psychosocial Genomic Perspectives For The Neuropsychotherapist: How Quantum Field Theory Optimizes Neuropsychotherapy

This review considers the recent 200-year history of consciousness in the healing arts and provides an introduction to cultural genomics, quantum field theory in psychotherapy, and the quantum wave nature of consciousness. Recommendations for progress in the theory and practice of psychotherapy are discussed.

Ernest Rossi & Kathryn Rossi


  • Neuroscience - The Psychotherapist's Essential Guide to the Brain Part 3
  • Consciousness - "Change the Music" - Psychotherapy and Brain Vibrations (Stuart Hameroff)

39 pages

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