Issue #9 (December 2014)

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Therapy can happen in all sorts of places: individually at the counsellor’s office, in a group at work, or over Skype late in the evening. This month we hear from Jonathan Wills, who demonstrates some of the fundamental principles of neuropsychotherapy while engaging in therapy over email—without the natural advantage of facial expressions, body language, and vocal intonation. Even with “one hand tied behind your back” it’s possible to exercise some fundamental communication and empathic skills to help clients meet basic psychological needs on the road to better health.

This month we also feature a Shrink Rap interview with Dr. Bonnie Badenoch, one of my personal heroes in the field of psychotherapy. Having studied very closely with Dan Siegel, and being no mean writer, Dr. Badenoch has demonstrated a remarkable ability to consolidate and recommunicate interpersonal neurobiology in a pragmatic way that is instantly of value to the practising therapist. I hope you find the interview enlightening.

We also have our Mechanisms of Change columnist, Haley Peckham, reporting from the Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington, DC, with the exciting things she has discovered there.

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Jonathan Wills explores a neuropsychotherapeutic approach to non face-to-face counselling by focusing on a series of emails that demonstrate the fundamentals of neuropsychotherapy in a not-so-traditional setting.
Jonathan Wills

Dr. Dave talks with therapist, teacher and author Dr. Bonnie Badenoch about her books and philosophy of teaching interpersonal neurobiology to clinicians
David Van Nuys



  • Applied NPTJurie Rossouw
  • Mechanisms of ChangeHaley Peckham
  • Last WordMatthew Dahlitz



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