Issue #12 (March 2015)

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This month we are taking a look at trauma through the eyes of Pat Ogden and Bessel van der Kolk—two giants in the field of trauma therapy. We are fortunate to have a sneak peek at Pat Ogden and Janina Fisher’s forthcoming book Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Interventions for Trauma and Attachment,with this issue featuring a chapter on neuroception and the window of tolerance—a subject I find particularly useful when psychoeducating my clients, and not just the traumatised ones. In fact it was not an easy task to decide what to feature from this book, as it is exceptionally well written throughout, and every stage important for our practice as therapists. What I appreciate most is the pragmatic approach Ogden and Fisher have taken in creating something much like a workbook for therapists in practice. There is a beautiful and logical flow to both the theory and the practical worksheets for therapists both old and new to the world of trauma therapy.

This issue we also “listen in” to an interview with Bessel van der Kolk, who shares insights into the creation of his latest book The Body Keeps the Score, which was launched earlier in the year. This work is an eminently readable overview of all that van der Kolk has learned over the many productive years he has been involved with trauma.

For a change of tone, we feature in our Spotlight column this month the remarkable works of Greg Dunn—an artist with a PhD in neuroscience who has amalgamated his love for the neuron with his love for the eloquent simplicity of the Asian sumi-e style. He and friend Brian Edwards, an electrical engineer and optics expert, have come up with a cutting-edge medium that brings the nervous system alive in art.



A refreshingly practical roadmap for applying our understanding of neuroception and the window of tolerance in the clinical setting. Odgen and Fisher guide us through the theory, suggest clinical uses, and provide ready-to-use worksheets for clients.
Pat Odgen & Janina Fisher

Bessel van der Kolk shares his insights into working with trauma and talks about his latest book The Body Keeps the Score. This extensive interview is a frank and informative conversation with one of the great trauma experts of our time.
David Van Nuys interviews Bessel van der Kolk



  • From the Editor: Matthew Dahlitz
  • Spotlight: Greg Dunn

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Memory Reconsolidation in Psychotherapy

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Memory reconsolidation (MR)—a foundational process with the potential, if properly understood, to consistently bring about the kind of transformational change that we look for in the lives of clients—is the subject of this book. Featured in this issue is Bruce Ecker, one of the foremost experts in applying techniques that fulfil the neurobiological requirements to achieve MR in clinical practice. In fact all of the authors in this issue are experts in their respective fields, demonstrating the unifying nature of MR in such diverse therapies as the Alexander technique, energy psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and progressive counting. Understanding the biological basis of our memory and how it can be modified is the key to effective therapeutic change, especially when emotional memories are driving unwanted symptoms. The content of this special issue has been previously published in The Neuropsychotherapist or the International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy.

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