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The brain is not only the most complex system we know about, but recent advances in imaging are showing us the immense beauty of this sophisticated wonder. The at once chaotic and graceful maze of neural structures has captured the imagination of Philadelphia artist Greg Dunn, who has developed inspiring renditions of our nervous system.


An Introduction to Microetching

Brainbow Hippocampus

Memory Reconsolidation in Psychotherapy

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Memory reconsolidation (MR)—a foundational process with the potential, if properly understood, to consistently bring about the kind of transformational change that we look for in the lives of clients—is the subject of this book. Featured in this issue is Bruce Ecker, one of the foremost experts in applying techniques that fulfil the neurobiological requirements to achieve MR in clinical practice. In fact all of the authors in this issue are experts in their respective fields, demonstrating the unifying nature of MR in such diverse therapies as the Alexander technique, energy psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and progressive counting. Understanding the biological basis of our memory and how it can be modified is the key to effective therapeutic change, especially when emotional memories are driving unwanted symptoms. The content of this special issue has been previously published in The Neuropsychotherapist or the International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy.


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