Sharie Coombs talks about kids, language and COVID

Today we talk to Dr Sharie Coombs who is an educator, psychotherapist and author of many books for children with a psychoeducation mission. She is based in England and has a private practice as well as consulting therapists and authors. It was great to catch up with...

Fear never rests…

Most people’s bogeyman … is the unknown! The unknown is a dark, empty place, like an abyss where one cannot see the end … as the unknown is scary, there are people who prefer to stay in a situation they already know

Brain Cells Involved In Insomnia Identified

An international team of researchers has identified, for the first time, the cell types, areas and biological processes in the brain that mediate the genetic risk of insomnia. This was made possible by assessing DNA and sleep features in no less than 1.3 million people. The findings are a major step towards getting grip on the biological mechanisms that cause insomnia.

The Neuropsychotherapist Volume 7 Issue 1

Welcome to the New Year and the first issue of The Neuropsychotherapist for 2019 under our exciting new brand, the Science of Psychotherapy! This year promises to have an international flavor that I’m sure will both fascinate and intrigue you.