The Science of Psychotherapy

September 2019

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September is one of my favorite months. It is the change of season that marks harvest on the North and planting in the South. Worldwide it is a time of sowing and reaping, both of which create possibility and potential for the coming days. It is exciting here at the Science of Psychotherapy (SoP) as we engage in our own processes of sowing and reaping.

We have been sowing the seeds of our new Academy and filling the field with fascinating and informative reading and video courses. Each course supplies a certificate of ongoing education you can submit to your professional organization. We see that you are beginning to reap the benefits, both as SoP subscribers who enjoy the entire “crop”, and also those enjoying individual “fruits” that satisfy their specific needs. Please continue enjoying and benefiting from the Academy. We also sowed the seeds of change when we shifted our “brand” from The Neuropsychotherapist to The Science of Psychotherapy. This has opened the magazine to a wider scope of curiosity in our readers and our authors.

I am very pleased that this issue includes a variety of ideas, practices and experiences. Pamela Lynn-Seraphine describes the therapeutic use of drumming and the relevant neuroscience in “Self-Regulation Through Drumming: A Brain-Body Model for Optimizing Mental Health”. Ernest and Kathryn Rossi are joined by Jan Dyba as they take a fresh look at an established concept, again taking in the lens of current neuroscience. “The Neurocognitive Update of the Two-Factor Theory of a Hypnotic Experience” also reviews the relationship of the electrodynamic field work done by Ravitz in the 50s and 60s. I am also pleased to have an article from a longtime friend of the SoP Damien Southam. He is a counselor who is also very active in the social work of his region. He is generously sharing his own story of managing a life with ADHD. In “ADHD and Me” we read about a personal story that I believe will speak for many. In light of these interesting articles I felt a need to add an “editor’s article”. I have been noticing new work on the topic of consciousness. I have tried to bring together some of the ideas and suggestions from people like Damasio, LeDoux, Searle and Chalmers in “Consciousness Still Being Explained” and add a few of my own observations. I look forward to your comments and responses to how our understanding of consciousness is relevant and how it may be relevant to the other articles in this issue. Please share your comments.

It is so important for us to continue to both read and write new ideas, current work, and the experiential frame of what is happening in the field of psychotherapy. We will continue to do our part to make this available to you through the magazine and the Academy at the Science of Psychotherapy.

Richard Hill


Self-Regulation Through Drumming:  A Brain-Body Model for Optimizing Mental Health
Pamela Lynn-Seraphine

Damien Southam

The Neurocognitive Update of the Two-Factor Theory of a Hypnotic Experience
Jan Dyba, Ernest L. Rossi, Kathryn L. Rossi

Consiousness is Still Being Explained
Richard Hill


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