The Science of Psychotherapy

August 2019

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August has always felt like a transitional month. In the southern hemisphere there is a mad rush to get past winter and move into spring and, in the north, there is a last flurry of summer heat before the Fall. Our transition to the Science of Psychotherapy is now complete and we are excited about our new “season”. We continue to produce a fascinating magazine and have now begun our online Academy for your ongoing professional education needs. We hope you join us by subscribing to our website or by individually selecting the programs of your choice.

In this issue we present the second part of Thedy Valiz’s wonderful article on “The Parent-Child Neuropsychotherapy Protocol”. If you missed part 1, refer to our July issue. It has been our great pleasure to host this fine treatment of Thedy’s work, and it is a wonderful scoop for The Science of Psychotherapy.

We also give you a fascinating look at the work of David Collins. He has been working with children and education for many years. His article, “Braingrow: A brain based student wellbeing program built from the bottom up”, describes his unique Braingrow program that uses the latest neuroscience research to provide students and parents with a range of tools to improve social, emotional, and educational learning.

We continue to explore the needs of children with Rita Princi-Hubbard in her article “Children – The most misunderstood beings on the planet!” Rita examines the first 1000 days of childhood in relation to early carers and educators from a neuroscience perspective. Her experiential descriptions indicate important directions for the future of pedagogy.

Please keep your comments, responses and questions coming. Take advantage of our growing Academy folio, which is a great opportunity to learn and get those all-important continuing education hours for your professional development. Standard members have access to our magazine, archive material, and a wide selection of online courses for only $10 per month.

Not only do we supply individual course certificates, but we have just begun awarding special display certificates when you complete 25, 50, or 100 hours of education in the Academy. This helps to celebrate your hard work and to show others that they are in good, professional, well-informed hands.

Please enjoy the sparkle of August at The Science of Psychotherapy.



  • The Parent-Child Neuropsychotherapy Protocol: A Relational and Developmental Neurogenomics Approach to Working with Youth and their Families (Part 2) by Thedy Veliz
  • BrainGrow:  A Brain Based Student Wellbeing Program Built From the Bottom Up by David Collins
  • Children: The Most Missunderstood Beings on the Planet! by Rita Princi-Hubbard

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The Science of Psychotherapy August 2019

The Science of Psychotherapy August 2019

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