Micaela Monteiro-Haig

The second part of our conversation about PANS/PANDAS with Micaela Monteiro-Haig.

Part 2 of our discussion with naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and eating psychology coach with a special interest in mental health – Micaela Monteiro-Haig. She continues the conversation with us about PANS/PANDAS.

Micaela has attained a Bachelor Degree in Health Science-Naturopathy. This four-year degree involves extensive training across a diverse range of subjects including biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, clinical medicine, dietary planning, pharmacology, clinical examination, nutritional medicine, western herbal medicine and acute homeopathic prescribing.

In addition to her degree qualifications, she also studied mind-body nutrition, eating psychology and counselling techniques. Micaela incorporates these principles and techniques into her work with clients to help bring positive change and restore health on many aspects of life.

You can check out Micaela’s blog for more details about her work.

Our articles Understanding PANS & PANDAS and What is PANDAS/PANS? gives a personal insight about this condition while our glossary provides important links to studies about the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.

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