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Richard Hill, MA, MEd, MBMSc, DPC, has emerged from a diverse and fascinating journey to become an innovative speaker on the mind, brain and the human condition. From an early career in the creative arts, Richard returned to intellectual studies at 42 (1996) beginning with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in linguistics. This triggered a curiosity that led to a diploma in counselling and a new career in psychotherapy. Studying continued and he has added three Masters degrees – an MA in Social Ecology; an MEd in Social Ecology; and a Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences (MBMSc) from Sydney University. Richard is also fortunate to be mentored by the esteemed Ernest Rossi PhD who has invited Richard into the International Psychosocial Genomics Research Team to study the impact of therapeutic practice on the genetic level.

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Richard is the Managing Editor of The Neuropsychotherapist and the Chief Educational Director of this platform – The Science of Psychotherapy.

Aldrich Chan talks reassembling models of reality

Aldrich Chan talks reassembling models of reality

We were fortunate to catch up with neuropsychologist Dr Aldrich Chan who has recently released his new book Reassembling Models of Reality: Theory and Clinical Practice (published by W. W. Norton & Co). In this book, and in our conversation, Dr Chan examines our...

The Science of Psychotherapy April 2021

The Science of Psychotherapy April 2021

The pleasure of curating this magazine never wanes. There is always fascinating material coming in from around the globe. In this vein, we continue our series of international Last Words with Flavio Cannistra from Italy. He begins with a famous quote which produces...

The Science of Psychotherapy March 2021

The Science of Psychotherapy March 2021

What is time? Physicists say it is the procession of events or experiences that produce an increase in complexity that makes sense to our conscious mind. Over time, we develop a “self” to whom those events and experiences happen and allows us to realize that there are...

The Science of Psychotherapy February 2021

The Science of Psychotherapy February 2021

February is an interesting time of year. January is the launch of a New Year, which heralds a promise of something new, then February is the time to set sails and test the winds. There are still some trailing gusts from last year, which I am sure we all hope will...

New Study Reveals Brain Basis of Psychopathy

New Study Reveals Brain Basis of Psychopathy

According to a Finnish study, the structure and function of the brain areas involved in emotions and their regulation are altered in both psychopathic criminal offenders and otherwise well-functioning individuals who have personality traits associated with...

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Richard is a true multidisciplinary who finds the convergence between the arts, humanities and hard science to help create a better world.

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