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A Neuropsychotherapeutic Approach to Non Face-to-Face Counselling

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This paper considers some basic questions about what works in the application of a neuropsychotherapeutic counselling approach in the context of what Evans (2009) describes as computer-mediated communication (CMC). Such approaches fall into a category of psychological services which may be broadly termed non face-to-face (nf2f) counselling (Ramsden, 2011), but covers a multiplicity of interventions using wide ranging theoretical counselling approaches, methodologies and technologies.

Jonathan worked for six years in Brisbane as a specialist smoking cessation counsellor. He completed his masters degree in counselling at the University of Queensland in 2013. In the same year he assisted editing and compiled the subject index and glossary for Connie Henson’s and Dr Pieter Rossouw’s publication BrainWise Leadership.

Jonathan has recently commenced his private practice Talk To Me Therapies in Brisbane, which offers counselling services for a broad range of psychological problems including: anxiety, depression, relationship problems (spouse to spouse, or familial), low self-esteem, loss and grief, trauma, and addictions. Jonathan works from a client-centered approach using cognitive interventions (as well as other types of therapies), and works with clients to identify strategies to reach goals, which are in line with their values. Jonathan works within a recovery framework based on neuropsychotherapeutic principles, which acknowledge that although we are all different, we all have basic human needs which need to be met in order to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Jonathan currently volunteers at the Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group (QHVSG) co-facilitating regular support group meetings.

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