Psychotherapy’s Mysterious Efficacy Ceiling: Is Memory Resonsolidation the Breakthrough?

by Bruce Ecker


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I’m very happy to be here with you and to have this opportunity to share with you some perspectives on psychotherapy that I think are fascinating and exciting, with wonderful possibilities for how effective therapy can be.

Although my talk carries a very optimistic message, the context for what I want to describe is not so rosy. That context is the seriously disappointing results of psychotherapy efficacy studies to date. As briefly as possible, therefore, I must begin by reviewing some facts that most psychotherapists would truly rather not hear about.

Perhaps I should give a warning such as precedes certain TV shows: This talk contains material of an explicit nature. Listener discretion is advised. I apologize in advance for any panic attacks, fugue states, fits of rage or major depressions that might be triggered by the following quick but dark overview of where we stand as a field. We will very soon move through into the light. Good news will quickly follow the bad news...

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