The Neuropsychotherapist Volume 6 Issue 3


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Play and Creativity in Psychotherapy

A reminder of the importance of both play and intuition in psychotherapy, Terry Marks-Tarlow beautifully details the “dance” that is the art of psychotherapy. Illustrated with her own drawings, Terry emphasises the important role of imagination and play in therapy, while calling us to be intuitive and authentic, as vital aspects of the therapeutic alliance. by Terry Marks-Tarlow

The Nuntius Nuclei: A New Neuroscience For Curiosity

Richard Hill describes what he has called the nuntius nuclei—a collection of brain nuclei that form an integrated system that produce and distribute neurotransmitters throughout the brain and form what has been described as the “chemical balance” of the brain. Richard suggests that curiosity activates all the nuntius nuclei and produces the most beneficial brain state for therapeutic change and learning—a “curious” state of mind that is beneficial for health and well-being. By Richard Hill


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