Our good friend Paul J. Leslie has written yet another book, this time “Transforming Themes: Creative perspectives on therapeutic interaction“. So we thought it best to zoom across to the United States to have a chat with him about his book and if we can help at all with his OCBD (obsessive/compulsive bookwriting disorder). It was a great chat, but we think he’s still going to continue to write books.

About Paul:

I am a therapist, educator, and international trainer who has extensive experience in creative, resource directed approaches to working with clients. I offer training and coaching to other professionals to help them find innovative ways in which they can bring more creativity, wisdom, and healing to their work. I am also an author who writes in the areas of psychotherapy, healing, and personal transformation. I feel my mission is to assist others in becoming open to the magic and mystery of life while transcending the limiting patterns which bind them.

Transforming Themes: Creative Perspectives on Therapeutic Interaction

An engaging guide to a conceptual therapy that offers therapists more freedom and an enhanced interaction with clients.

A theme is a topic of discourse, a subject of discussion, or a dominating idea. In other words, a theme is what a story means. Themes shape our relationships, values, and traditions, both individually and collectively, and if a theme is harmful, it can create ‘problems’. This book is a pragmatic approach to helping clients to change. The premise is that by assisting clients to change the limiting themes they themselves constructed, their own natural problem-solving abilities and healing resources can be activated.

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