A Panel of International Experts

We are gathering together a “Panel of Experts” from all over the world in various disciplines involved with human behaviour.

We want to hear what they have to say about their particular interests and also have them answer some ‘Big Questions’ that we will be posing periodically. It will be interesting to find out what the different disciplines have to say about topical issues and the deep mysteries of our humanity.

If you are interested in seeing who is on our panel the list is displayed here.

If you are a professional in the bio/psycho/social realms of research, education, or clinical practice and would like to join the ‘Panel of Experts’ please contact us.

When we start our ‘Big Questions’ activity you will be able to track the answers we are getting by clicking on the top menu category ‘Big Questions’.

We are looking forward to and informative and fun time engaging with our international panel and all the wisdom they bring to the table.

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