For clients who struggle with anxiety and depression, there’s one behavior that can often be the biggest block to healing…

In a word, it’s avoidance – and the longer it continues, the more miserable our clients can become.

So how can we help clients build up their tolerance for distress, and shift out of the avoidance strategies that are prolonging their healing?

Well, here’s something that can help, courtesy of our friends at NICABM.

It’s part one of a free workshop – and in this installment, you’ll get several strategies for helping your clients increase their tolerance for distress, including:

  • How to bypass the part of the brain that sparks avoidance
  • One question designed to redirect an avoider’s focus
  • A trance strategy to help your client feel more courage

Here’s the link again – and please be sure to check it out now, because this will only be available for a short time (it’s totally free).

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