Today we caught up with Dr Niall Geoghegan who is bringing the practical application of memory reconsolidation to therapists. Himself a Coherence Therapy practitioner, he is a wonderful educator in the pragmatics of transformative experiential therapies.

Niall Geoghegan, Psy.D. is a Certified Advanced Practitioner of Coherence Therapy.   He collaborated closely with Bruce Ecker on creating the Coherence Psychology Institute’s Training and Certification Program prior to 2015.  He was a contributing author to the groundbreaking book “Unlocking the Emotional Brain” (Routledge, 2010) on Coherence Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation.

In recent years Dr. Geoghegan has headed the development of the Experiential Psychotherapy Institute.  Its mission is to educate practitioners on the theory and techniques of a whole family of related experiential therapies.  He is editor-in-chief of its website,, which presents video tutorials on IFS, AEDP, Coherence Therapy, ISTDP, Brainspotting, Hakomi, Process Work, Focusing, EMDR, Coherent Narrative Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and more.

Dr. Geoghegan is in private practice in Berkeley, CA.  He received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley in 2005 and has been a student of the Ridhwan School of Spiritual Development since 2001.

In addition to checking out Niall’s new site we would also encourage you to check out the videos he has here on YouTube and his practice site here  We hope to have more from Niall over the next year or so stay tuned into our podcast and sign up for our emails as well.

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