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Why should you know about neuroscience?

Business is About People & We Know How People Work

Of all the elements of a business, there is only one that is indispensable – people. It is fundamental for every business to understand how to manage their people and the people they do business with. People can be extraordinary, but also exasperating; co-operative and difficult; friendly and antagonistic. Our expertise and experience in the neuroscience of human behavior and performance gives a business the advantage it needs to be a great business.

How Do We Make A Difference?

Uncovering The Secret Nervous System of Your Business.

Each person in your business, including your customers, your suppliers and partners – your whole network – makes up a highly complex system. When these complex systems start to work together, it can get very complicated. But, it doesn’t need to be.

This is a problem that can change radically when there is a better understanding of our operating system – the brain. People want to perform better, feel strong loyalties, and get satisfaction at work.

Taking the complication out is what we do.

Our Specialties

We do individual and team consultations and workshops

Business Brains Workshops

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Tailored Team Workshops

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Marketing Consultations

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The Curiosity Approach


What We Can Do For You

Richard and Matthew are two powerful individuals who come together to create an exceptional team. In addition to having access to their own unique specialty programs, they have pooled their knowledge and experience to develop a set of brand-new programs for Neuroscience and Business. These programs create the linkage between the wonder that is the brain and mind and the needs, wants and desires of your business.

Corporate Consultation and Workshops

Richard and Matthew bring together their extensive experience in science, arts, and business, to bring solutions for your business. Be it a motivational day for staff or a deep-dive into the nervous system of your business, they can tailor solutions for you.

And importantly, they make the seriousness of the brain, mind and business success interesting, fun and engaging. Neuroscience tells us that is the best way to learn.

Richard Hill

Engage Richard for – Executive coaching; Workshops; Motivational speaking; Conference speaker.

Matthew Dahlitz

SAFINEIA: Clarity for Business – Matthew’s online course for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Neuroscience & Business Expert

Matthew Dahlitz

Matthew Dahlitz is both university trained and an autodidact whose experience and degrees span the arts, technology, psychology, neuroscience, emergency medicine, and business worlds. He calls himself an “Interdisciplinary Solutionist” with the tagline “Revealing problems and discovering solutions individually, relationally, and corporately“. He is the author of The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain, is the Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist, and runs an online consulting and training course for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Neuroscience & Business Expert

Richard Hill

Richard Hill is a practicing psychotherapist, author, educator and motivator. He teaches internationally as an expert in human dynamics, communications, the brain and the mind. His unique training courses including Suicide Prevention, Mental Health in the Workplace, and Resolving Procrastination. He is the originator of the Curiosity Oriented Approach and author of several books including Choose Hope and How the ‘real world’ Is Driving Us Crazy! He holds Masters degrees in Arts; Education; and Mind and Brain Sciences.

Podcast & Blogs

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