This Foundations of Mirroring Hands for Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists is the complete video introduction to Mirroring Hands by the worlds leading expert Richard Hill. This is a 6 hour certificate course.
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As a hypnotist and NLP trainer with 45 years professional experience, I highly recommend Mirroring Hands. I began with the book and got amazing results with the two clients I worked with! I have purchased the Mirroring Hands online training, and it’s a top-notch product. There’s enough science for it to all make sense, and there’s also excellent practical demonstrations. To be able to watch Richard work on video has made all the difference for me. If you’re a hypnotist or therapist of any kind, you must learn Mirroring Hands, which I believe is the natural progression of Milton Erickson’s work. Kudos to Richard Hill and Ernest Rossi!

Mike Mandel – Head Trainer – Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy, Toronto, Canada

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