Michael Hoyt, Ph.D., is an independent psychologist in Mill Valley, CA. He is the author/editor of numerous books on brief therapy, including “Brief Therapy and Beyond”, “Capturing the Moment”, and “Single-Session Therapy By Walk-In or Appointment”. He has been honored as a Contributor of Note by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation and named a Distinguished Continuing Education Presenter by both the American Psychological Association and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors.


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Creative Therapy in Challenging Situations : Unusual Interventions to Help Clients

Creative Therapy in Challenging Situations introduces readers to the innovative approaches that therapists sometimes take when standardized, paint-by-numbers routines don’t work. Each chapter presents the story of one or more difficult psychotherapy situations followed by the therapists’ descriptions of what they did and why, as well as the outcome that resulted. The authors and their stories span a wide variety of theoretical approaches and contexts, showing how clinicians can improvise beyond everyday scenarios and techniques. This collection of provocative, instructive vignettes from well-known practitioners often generates “You said what?!” reactions while encouraging readers to think creatively in the moment in order to reach healthy, innovative outcomes from the trickiest and most unexpected therapeutic scenarios.

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Single-Session Therapy by Walk-In or Appointment : Administrative, Clinical, and Supervisory Aspects of One-at-a-Time Services

Single-Session Therapy by Walk-in or Appointment is based on the idea that one session is often all a client will need and choose to attend. The option of a single-session responds to the growing need for greater accessibility and responsiveness of mental-health services. With considerable data supporting both the demand for and the effectiveness of walk-in and by-appointment single sessions, the field is expanding rapidly. This book includes many clinical examples and cultural nuances, as well as discussions of recent research, training and supervision, and implementation and administrative arrangements. This is an essential title for clinicians, program developers, and policy makers interested in providing the effective, client-responsive, economic option of one-at-a-time single-session therapy on a walk-in or by-appointment basis.


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Brief Therapy and Beyond : Stories, Language, Love, Hope, and Time

Brief Therapy and Beyond is a collection of new and selected papers by prominent psychologist Michael Hoyt. Numerous clinical vignettes and informative discussions describe time-sensitive treatments to relieve psychological distress and/or promote growth. Drawing from an encyclopedic knowledge of the professional literature as well as humor, poetry, sports, and candid revelation, Hoyt illustrates the importance of stories, language, love, hope, and time in shaping worldviews that inspire and empower clients and clinicians to make effective and efficient changes.

Capturing the Moment : Single-session therapy and walk-in services

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Could a single therapy session be not only helpful but even sufficient for some people?

Numerous clinical examples and the research evidence support a definite “Yes!” Drawing from multiple theoretical approaches and cultural contexts, this is the book to read if you want to learn ways to help people as soon as possible – maybe even in one visit. It teaches you to be present in each and every session and offers you various ways of empowering your clients in the here and now.

It includes contributions from over twenty experts including Ernest Rossi, Steven Andreas, Dawson Church, Chris Iveson, Douglas Flemons, James Gustafson, Rubin Battino, Bradford Keeney, Jeffrey Young, Arnold Slive, Monte Bobele, Michele Ritterman, Moshe Talmon, Michael Hoyt Bob Rosenbaum and others.

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