Memory Reconsolidation:

Key To Transformational Change in Psychotherapy

Here is your “quick start” guide to memory reconsolidation, the brain’s innate process of deep, lasting change. This video captures a 20-minute flow of live presentation to an audience of psychotherapists by therapist Bruce Ecker, LMFT.

Ecker has driven the clinical field’s recognition of the power of memory reconsolidation for bringing psychotherapy to new levels of effectiveness. It’s the only known type of neuroplasticity that can actually erase a specific, negative piece of emotional conditioning.

Memory reconsolidation is becoming recognized as the core process in play whenever transformational change takes place in any system of psychotherapy. Here Ecker explains why and takes us through a case example that shows the process in action.

For the complete story, including many clinical case examples, see the 2012 Routledge book, Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation…

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Ecker is co-director of the Coherence Psychology Institute and co-originator of Coherence Therapy.

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p82A Primer on Memory Reconsolidation and its psychotherapeutic use as a core process of profound change
by Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic and Laurel Hulley from The Neuropsychotherapist, Issue 1, April-June 2013


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See also a Bruce Ecker interview with Richard Hill for an in-depth discussion of memory reconsolidation and Coherence Therapy. There is also another article from our eMagazine on Nonspecific Common Factors Theory Meets Memory Reconsolidation also by Bruce Ecker.

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