Interdisciplinary Solutionist

Interdisciplinary Solutionist

Matthew Dahlitz is both university trained and an autodidact whose knowledge spans across the arts, technology, psychology, neuroscience, emergency medicine, and business. He has studied psychology at the University of Queensland with a Master of Counselling degree specializing in neuropsychotherapy. He is the creator and CEO of this platform, The Science of Psychotherapy, has taught post-graduate courses in neuropsychotherapy, and is author of the book The Psychotherapists’s Essential Guide to the Brain.

Matthew has also studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in both music technology and master of composition. He has scored for film and produced a number of albums of original music and played producer in a film production company. Matthew has also been an Advanced Care Paramedic for a decade, managed commercial property and property development projects in the tens of millions of dollars, founded the Age of Robots site that reports on the technology and the social and psychological impacts of this second machine age, and runs a media and publishing company, Perfekt Stuidos, with an emphasis on great story telling.

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Matthew is the Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist and the CEO of this platform – The Science of Psychotherapy.

Removing the greatest challenges to treating trauma

  Hi, The way we work with trauma is changing. We now know things we didn’t know even 5 – 10 years ago. But how do we keep up on the important changes that will have the greatest impact on our clients? That’s why we hope you’ll watch the Treating Trauma Master...

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Matthew offers training about the brain for business owners. Combining the power of story and an understanding of neuroscience, Matthew helps business owners understand what is going on in them, their staff and their customers.

Matthew also does 1:1 consultations online for business ownners, entrepreneurs and professionals to help them navigate today’s mental demands. Use the contact form below to make an appointment.

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