Matthew is dedicated to the understanding of Neuroscience and Psychotherapy and how it integrates the psycho-neuro-bio-and social aspects of the working brain. The process for transformational change is very clear in his flowing and motivating manner.
He provides a variety of platforms such as Podcasts, Webinars and Academic papers to support his work.
Matt has a presence about him that facilitates learning in such a way that you want to keep studying and applying the concepts into practice.
John Falcon


Matt and I have been working together at The Science of Psychotherapy for several years now and I want to be the first to endorse and recommend Matt as the “therapist’s therapist”. We all know the difficulties we face. Sometimes we really need someone who understands exactly what we go through. He has amassed an enormous knowledge base, but I personally recommend his humanity and his skill to help you work with yours. He is, for me, a mate, a colleague and someone I hold in high esteem. He gets me out of trouble when I need it. If you need some help, I am sure he can help you, too.
Richard Hill

Psychotherapist, Educator

The first time I meet Matthew he was presenting on neuropsychotherapy and I was fascinated with his knowledge and ability to present so that others could not only understand but apply the benefits of this knowledge to their own lives. As a social worker I appreciate Matt’s way of using his knowledge in discussions with him. Matt’s knowledge in psychotherapy, neuroscience and people-helping-people industries shines as he supports us. I enjoy and look forward to the challenging nature of our time together and having a professional that understands the issues that as worker I experience. I value the respectful manner, real and honest feedback and questions that Matt offers into improving myself both professionally and in my personal life.
Justin Crawford

Social Worker

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Matthew is the Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist and the CEO of this platform – The Science of Psychotherapy.

Metabolism May Play Role in Recurrent Major Depression

Metabolism May Play Role in Recurrent Major Depression

Researchers find that metabolites — small molecules produced by cellular activities — appear to predict risk of recurring depression and may be a new diagnostic tool Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, in collaboration with Dutch...

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