The Neuropsychotherapist

is the neuropsychotherapy magazine for researchers and therapists in this multidisciplinary field.

Our mission is to provide researchers, educators and clinicians with the best articles, editorials, reviews and research from around the world to raise awareness of the neuropsychotherapy perspective in clinical practice.

We are seeking contributing articles by professionals from a wide array of fields including neurology, psychology, sociology, genetics, anthropology, psychotherapy/counseling, and other related fields that are oriented toward an integrative perspective of mental well-being. Because this is a multidisciplinary area, we are after articles written in an accessible, easily comprehensible style for therapists from a wide variety of backgrounds and practices. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a contributing author.

The magazine will be presented in a ‘popular science’ format with news, reviews, and other helpful information as well as feature articles. We trust the popular layout  will enhance its ability to be engaging and accessible to a wide cross-section of both professionals in mental health and general public.

The Neuropsychotherapist is a monthly eMagazine available by subscription on this website. By purchasing a subscription you are supporting the maintenance and development of this on-line portal for the benefit of all those involved in this field and the recipients of its holistic therapeutic perspective.

Website Subscription

We have a simple yearly subscription for access to a members-only area that includes all issues of The Neuropsychotherapist- International  Neuropsychotherapy Magazine in a downloadable interactive PDF format.

Journal Submissions

You may have a formal research paper for publication – please refer to our International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy for such submissions.

Why interactive PDF and not print?
  • The PDF format is instantly accessible to subscribers with an Internet connection.
  • It looks great on both your desktop and iPad or Android tablet.
  • Lead times to publication are much shorter than for print, so information can be updated right up to the moment of release.
  • We save a few trees!
  • Printing out an article is easy – turn off images in the interactive PDF to print just text if desired.
  • When relevant content comes to hand at the last minute, extending the standard edition is not a problem.
  • We can present bonus material, at any time, at no extra cost, as part of your membership.
  • We think it just makes more sense.


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