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Liz Mullinar has authored three books “Breaking The Silence”, “The Liz Mullinar Story” and most recently, “Heal For Life” a guidebook detailing her knowledge from over 20 years of supporting survivors of childhood trauma to heal.

She was awarded an order of Australia in 1997, A Centenary Medal in 2000 and honoured on “This is Your Life” in 2001. She was awarded the first Humanitarian Award in 2003 and in 2009 she was named NSW Volunteer of the Year. In 2010 Liz was a NSW finalist for the Australian of the Year – Local Hero. Liz has 2 sons, 3 step-daughters and six grandchildren.

To find out more about Heal For Life – the program and the book, go to https://healforlife.com.au/

The Heal For Life book will help you understand:

  • The impact of trauma on the brain and the nervous system, and how this impacts your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and how you relate to others.
  • The prerequisite to any and all healing – safety – and how to establish safety for yourself and with others.
  • How to build a connection with your inner self/child – a vehicle to access the part of your unconscious that was wounded by the traumatic event or events.
  • How to overcome emotional triggers permanently.
  • How to recognise and enjoy all emotions, including the painful ones.
  • The importance of your “adult self’ in healing and how to use it to protect you from overwhelming emotions or memories
  • Learning to love and nurture yourself
  • Setting boundaries
  • Changing thought patterns
  • Additional suggestions for life-long healing and recovery

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