Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to be offering a webinar training based upon my recently published book, Shame, Pride, and Relational Trauma: Concepts and Psychotherapy. This training will consist of five, two-hour webinars, beginning April 29 (U.S.) continuing through September 30 (U.S.), 2022.

In order to create a safe, welcoming learning environment, this training will be limited to 30 participants, all of whom are psychotherapists. While organized by my colleague in Australia, this training is open to U.S. therapists as well as all other countries.

For more information:

If you have any further questions, please contact the organizer, Simon d’Orsogna, MA:

Please note that the clinical vignettes presented throughout this training are informed by my transtheoretical and integrative approach to psychotherapy with survivors of relational trauma.

Thank you for your interest.

Ken Benau, Ph.D.

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