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Over 40 years of experience providing psychological services and directing mental health programs.

Dr. Arden’s most recent book is “MIND-BRAIN-GENE: Towards Psychotherapy Integration”. The book explores recent research in neuroscience and psychology that shows the mind is not one thing, but is composed of ongoing interactions between mental operating networks. For example, chronic inflammation and autoimmune disorders are strongly associated with depression and anxiety. Dysregulations of immune system, diet, and even gut bacteria profoundly affect mental health. Since mental health and physical health can no longer be compartmentalized as areas addressed by specialists, psychotherapists need to understand the mind-brain-body feedback loops.

Dr. Arden  recently retired as the Director of Training for Mental Health for the Northern California Region in the Kaiser Permanente healthcare system.

In July of 2016 Dr. Arden retired from Kaiser Permanente where he served as the Northern California Regional Director of Training where he developed one of the largest mental health training programs in the United States. In this capacity he oversees more than 150 interns and postdoctoral psychology residents in 24 medical centers. Prior to this he served as Chief Psychologist for KP.

Dr. Arden’s new book, Mind-Brain-Gene, provides insights into how today’s psychotherapy necessitates the integration of the mind and body instead of the past practice of compartmentalization of mental health and physical health. This book contributes to the sea change in how we conceptualize mental health problems and their solutions.

Featured Articles

John Arden is a regular contributor to The Science of Psychotherapy and The Neuropsychotherapist. Here are a few of his latest writings:

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Professional Training with John

Dr. Arden’s many seminars and workshops focus on optimal brain health for the general audience, and professional workshops on neuroscience and psychology, with an emphasis on neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, with psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, psychotherapy research, mindfulness, nutritional neuroscience and social intelligence.

Dr. Arden gives seminars and workshops throughout the United States, as well as various countries such as Norway, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Bulgaria, Singapore, Armenia and South Africa.

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Dr. John Arden discusses ways we can train our brains to overcome depression and anxiety – you can ‘Rewire Your Brain’

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